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Stunning stationery with Mustard.

*This post was originally published on 9th January 2018

I have always been one of those people who loves stationery. At school me and my friends would swap our different colour gel pens and get all jealous when someone had brought a new fountain pen, yes we were geeks. But to be honest I still am a stationery geek, and I’m not afraid to admit it!

However long gone are the days of scented gel pens and unofficial Pepsi pencil cases. Stationery has now got attitude! Mustard sent me a load of stuff to check out and it certainly brightens up your mundane desk.

I mean who doesn’t need a lunchbox with a T-Rex on it? This is definitely my favorite item. With three little compartments to keep your lunch snuggly and locking lid to make sure you don’t end up with mayo everywhere. This lunchbox will fit nicely in your handbag, and that cheeky Dino face is bound to cheer you up.

This mini lucky cat pencil case is a genius idea. With just enough room for a few pens and pencils it saves you lugging around stuff you really don’t need. It comes with a elastic strap on the back so you can keep it fastened to you diary or notebook, so you never have to worry about asking to borrow a pen again!

There’s a blogging stereotype that we all love marble stuff, and if you’re a blogger or not it’s kind of hard not to love the design of these post it notes. A step away from the usual white and copper these are breaking the mold with bright a pink swirl. Personally I feel you can never have too many post it notes!

As I’ve just said most marble designed stuff is white like these little notebooks, however these little books have plain paper in them! Why’s that so important? I hear you ask. Well, I can never seem to find a cute notebook to draw in. Most notebooks have whopping great ruled lines in, which is great for taking notes…obviously, but when I want to doodle I hate it. Now thanks to the lovely people at Mustard I have three books that are perfect for me to draw in.

I have seen loads of these infuser bottles I’ve been tempted to buy one a few times but never did, so I can’t wait to try this one. With its beautiful watermelon design I already feel summery, I can’t wait to fill it with Mint leaves and Lemon and sit in the sun. All I need now is a PR swimming pool, right? (Ha!)

Last but not least is this rainbow post it note set, brightening your works pace on every the dullest of days, my only complaint about this is that you have to start with the little notes and work your way to the bigger ones, otherwise I imagine they’d start to loose their stick, however not being short on post it notes it’s really a minor inconvenience for such a cute little item!

Did you fall in love with anything you’ve seen? Shop Mustard stationery and gifts Here.

**Items in this post were sent to me by Mustard for review.

All opinions of these items are my own.**

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