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Quick fix for the financially challenged!

*This is not a sponsored post*

So, I’m not exactly fantastic with saving money. 

In fact I always find that there is too much month left at the end of my money.


So I sat down and had a look around the old interwebs at how I can sort my shit out! 

And who would have thought a new bank was the answer? 

How can a bank save you money? I hear you ask. 

Well, Monzo is a bank designed just just for that! 

To help you see when your money is being spent each month all of the transactions are broken down into categories. This way you can see where you’re overspending, and if you’re anything like me it might encourage you to stop buying takeaways! 

Monzo also doesn’t have that annoying “pending transaction” thing going on, so you can keep updated on what money has actually left your bank instead of spending it twice! (Yes I have actually done that before!) 

If you’re planning on travelling abroad this summer Monzo also has no fees on paying on your card internationally (upto £200)

You even have the option to start saving money where Monzo can round up your spending and start a savings pot for you! 

(I mean where has this been all my life?) 

So I’m not the most up-to date on this kind of thing an I realise Monzo has been around for a little while, but if you were like me and didn’t realise this actually existed. You need to get on it, and open up a Monzo account right now. 

Go, be free of your financial burdens. 

If you are interested you can use my  referral link and we both receive £5 when you join. 

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Just follow these instructions: https://join.monzo.com/r/z700nbw

Until next time.