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Netflix - what you need to watch!

Finally, it's the bank holiday weekend, and that can only mean one thing!

Spending at least one whole day comatose on the sofa or in bed with Netflix and snacks!

So here are my Netflix recommendations for doing just that!

Dead to me -

If you haven't started watching this series yet, you are missing out!

When Jen's husband is killed in a hit and run incident she decides she wants answers and is determined to find out who done it.

Trying to get over the loss of her husband she attends a support group and makes an unlikely friend in Judy, but as the friendship grows Jen discovers some dark secrets about Judy and not everything is what it seems.

Rating - 9/10

Otherhood -

When three adult sons are too busy with their lives to remember Mothers day, their mums unexpectedly drop by to surprise them, as you can imagine it doesn't go too well when their mum's just turns up out of the blue!

Realizing that their sons have grown up, they feel a little neglected and start heading towards a midlife crisis.

Rating - 7/10

The Dirt -

This biographical film follows the life and making of band Motley Crew, showing you the raw highs and lows of what the band went through before they "made it"

Not one to be watched with your grandma it shows the sex, drugs and rock'n roll you'd expect from Motley Crew.

Even if the music isn't your thing, the film is definitely worth a watch!

Rating - 10/10

The Good Place -

If you still have watched this series, you really need to!

When Eleanor finds out that she has passed away and has ended up in the afterlife she's very shocked to find herself in the "good place"

She begins to realise that someone has made a big mistake so that no-one finds out she begins to try and make herself a better person with hilarious consequences.

Rating - 10/10

Rough Night -

When Jen's friend organises a weekend in Miami for her bachelorette party, five friends find themselves in trouble when the party gets stopped by a dead stripper!

Frantically trying to cover up the crime, will they end up turning on each other or do they decide to hide the body and just get on with having fun?

Rating 8/10

Until next time.