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Itchy Kitty? - The miracle cure!

Everybody meet Fayce.

Fayce is a Rex cross, and anyone who happens to have a Rex breed of cat will know some of them are prone to skin irritations. Fayce has always had dry itchy skin for as long as i can remember, and when i say we've tried everything to help his condition, i mean EVERYTHING!

From when he was a kitten we used to make him little outfits so he wasn't able to scratch himself red raw. But as he continued to grow this wasn't a permanent solution. We tried every skin cream, lotion and potion we could find, and sure some of them helped for a little while, but again non of them seemed to have the long term effect we were looking for.

One day the vet finally agreed to put him on a short course of steroids, and this improved his skin dramatically, but with some of the long term side effects ranging from liver disease to cancer that wasn't a permanent solution either, no matter how much it helped his skin!

Then one day i can across Natural VetCare Cat'Skin.

It was the miracle cure we'd been waiting for!

Cat'Skin is a powder blend of Omega 3 & 6, fatty acids and antioxidants.

It replenishes the skin barrier and the antioxidants neutralises the toxins associated with allergy's.

It's so simple to use, simply measure out the required amount with the scoop provided and mix it into the food once a day, if you have a impartially fussy kitty, which lets face it most of them are! Then try mixing it with Webbox Lick-e-Lix (Kind of like cat yogurt)

If you have a itchy kitty I cannot recommend this stuff enough!

If you happen to have a itchy pooch, it's also available here for them too!

This is not a sponsored post i just think everyone needs to know how bloody good this stuff is!

Until next time.