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Dr Anders foot care review.

*Items in this post we’re sent to me for review*

Who is Dr Anders?

Dr Anders has been a podiatrist for the past 20 years her aim is to promote good foot health, and enable people to understand how foot problems occur.

All Dr Anders foot care products are free from toxic chemicals and only contain natural ingredients such as coconut oil, grapeseed oil and thuja.

They are also mildly fragranced so you won’t end up with that dodgy minty smell on your feet like most foot care products have!

My main foot care concern is the dry hard skin on my heels and I was dubious at first that anything would help, as I have previously tried many other foot care products.

However after using the intensive rescue balm for a couple of weeks I a really starting to notice a difference, my skin is much softer.

The main ingredient thuja has anti-fungal and antiviral property’s. So it really takes care of all aspects of your feet.

It’s a non greasy formula and absorbs into the skin quickly so unfortunately it’s not an excuse to put your feet up whilst you wait for it to dry!

If you have foot care concerns why not join the foot health community over at feelyourfeet.com

If we all pay our feet a little more attention we can stomp out foot related health issues before they start!

Until next time.