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Batiste 2 in 1 review.

*This post was first published 12 July 2017

Batiste has always been my go to dry shampoo. Don’t get me wrong I’ve tried others but they just don’t work for me.

Having Red hair it’s really hard to find a dry shampoo that doesn’t leave behind that nasty white residue and leave me looking like I have grey hair, no matter how many times I try and brush it though.

When I saw that TRND had a campaign for trialing the new Batiste 2 in 1 dry shampoo and conditioner, I jumped at the chance to apply. I made it into the trial team and received my free Batiste 2 in 1 to try, one for me and one to give to a friend. I received the cocoa & cashmere and gave the vanilla and passionflower one away.

On first impression the bottle has a beautiful design and is slightly different to the original dry shampoos. The fragrance is rich and exotic with a hint of chocolate. It smells luxurious and like it should cost a lot more than it does.

Because of its invisible spray and the fact it feels less like talcum powder it’s less absorbent than the original shampoos but a light spray all over your hair, still does a great job at giving your hair some of its life back. Just don’t get carried away and stand there spraying a tonne of it onto your roots because I find they will end up greasier than when you started, which is the exact opposite of what you’d expect from a dry shampoo. However according to Batiste we’ve all been using dry shampoo wrong anyway! Batiste advise you to spray mid-length of your hair and comb/brush though from root to tip. Who knew?!

The conditioner in it reacts differently with your hair than you’d expect, the conditioner which claims to last for 18 hours doesn’t dry out your hair like normal dry shampoo does. It provides a more subtle bouncy texture, which is great for if your hair just needs a little encouragement to behave! (We’ve all been there!)

Overall I’d say this is a good product for working alongside your daily hair routine to give your hair a extra boost but I won’t be replacing my normal Batiste dry shampoo with it, it doesn’t have the same appeal, and for days where you want to just spray and go stick to the original! Why fix what isn’t broken?

Let me know if you’ve tried Batiste 2in1 for yourself, what do you think?

Until next time,